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ChristianMingle is one of the largest niche dating platforms, with more than 9 million users in the world. It caters to the Christian population and facilitates creating strong, healthy relationships between people who want to share their religious values and life views. This site has been operating since 2001 and is becoming more popular each day. Seeking your destiny doesn’t have to be complicated or restricted by your location. Your church is a great place to meet people, but if nobody attending it is your soulmate, there are plenty of other spots to find the right person. And ChristianMingle will bring you together online. You won’t need to jeopardize your values or virtue. All people here have the same goals in mind as you do — find happiness, start a happy marriage, and serve God together with their beloved one.

Dismissing All the Doubts About Christian Online Dating

Dismissing All the Doubts About Christian Online Dating

Today, the Internet gives us new opportunities to improve each sphere of our life. And while we are happy to take some of them, others provoke hesitation and uncertainty. One of them is online dating. With all these stories of success, we still have two prejudices in mind: what if I don’t find love there? And doesn’t mingling online contradict my faith?

ChristianMingle gives a cut-clear answer to both of them, proving that you really have nothing to worry about. The site has been in the market for almost twenty years now. Its experience and security measures leave no doubt that it can be trusted. We are going to take a closer look at each aspect of its work and see what benefits you can get using it.

Who ChristianMingle Members Are and Why They Are Here

The number of ChristianMingle members is about to hit ten million. More than half of them are from the US, but there are also a lot of users in the UK and Australia. Their activity is very high, with next to a million visits each month. The gender ratio is perfect for both males and females — 50/50. The majority of users are older than 25 years, yet, all legitimately aged groups are present on the site.

People on ChristianMingle want to share their devotion to God with someone special, who can eventually become their husband or wife. Being based on classic matchmaking algorithms, ChristianMingle is still more than a common dating platform, primarily because of its users’ goals. The relationships you can find here have nothing to do with questionable encounters. Everyone is looking for a deep true feeling and is ready to show loyalty to their newly found happiness.

Your profile will have a number of fields for you to fill out to become a full member of the ChristianMingle online community. These, among others, are your job, location, some facts about yourself. The site conducts a thorough check of this information, using your current IP. The photos you upload on your page also are checked to find out whether they are truly yours.

How to Sign Up

Signing up takes minimum time, being processed by filling out a very short form. Enter your name and choose your gender. Submit your date of birth. And provide the current zip code. In addition, you should read and agree to the site’s Terms and Conditions by ticking the box at the bottom. As an alternative, you can log in with your FB account. Don’t worry, no friends of yours in the social media will find out about your presence on ChristianMingle, unless you want it to happen, of course. To prevent the site from posting anything in your feed, restrict its access to Facebook.

So, everyone can get registered in a matter of minutes, which corresponds with ChristianMingle’s mission of being straightforward and user-friendly. The site won’t overwhelm you with superficial personality tests because we all know that they are designed for entertaining a user. ChristianMingle is a platform for singles who have serious intentions and don’t just want to hang out online. We won’t state religious people should stay away from having fun online, but there are plenty of other acceptable resources for them to do it. Thus, the questions the site asks you to proceed with will be meaningful and relationship-oriented.

Contacting Other ChristianMingle Users

Contacting Other ChristianMingle Users

ChristianMingle is not a free website, so it is implied that most users will buy a subscription. Still, unlike most dating platforms, this one gives free users a chance to communicate, too.

For starters, searching for other users is absolutely out of charge for everyone. It is more useful for non-paying members than you can imagine since you can evaluate your chances of finding a partner before you pay for the services. All users can apply an extensive number of filters and search by any aspect that is relevant to you.

There is also a daily match list. One of its greatest advantages is that you see the percentage of matching with this or that person. It doesn’t have to be 100% to understand that you are meant for each other, though. You can also see users who are currently online or sort them by distance.

In general, free members don’t have an opportunity to send or read messages. But they can do it if a message is sent by a premium user. If you don’t want any restrictions, upgrade to standard membership to read all messages and send them to whoever you like. Or pick the premium membership to allow free users to communicate with you and, as a result, get more chances of finding the right one for you.

Whenever you find someone annoying or suspicious, add them to your blacklist, and they will never be able to contact you again. If you feel that the profile is fake, you should report it immediately. ChristianMingle takes great pride in the fact that the amount of fake accounts on its site is minimal. But this can’t always be so if users ignore their responsibilities to the community. Don’t be afraid that you can be mistaken. The team will check this account thoroughly before blocking it whatsoever.

What Are Profiles Like on ChristianMingle

When you open a profile of the one you like, you see a user name and location. Below, there is some information about a person’s appearance, depending on how much they have mentioned. In the same field, you’ll find out about kids (if any and if one wants any or not) and marital status. Then, there is, of course, religion and church attendance. You can also learn about one’s educational background and interests.

Every profile has a description of a partner this person is seeking. It includes gender, age, relationship goals, whether he or she wants kids, and your max approximate distance from each other.

If you’ve found someone interesting in your daily matches, for example, don’t forget to check when they were last online. This might not be essential for your decision whether you should contact them or not. All users get notifications when they get mail on the site, so even if they were offline for long, they might return to read your message. But still, it is good to know about a member’s activity.

As you can see, ChristianMingle profiles are not too informative, but this is a way to start. Most users’ goal on the site is to start a serious relationship and, maybe, a family. So, it will anyway require you to communicate a lot before you can tell if a person suits you or not. And the basic profile information will suffice to break the ice.

Clients’ Feedback

Clients’ Feedback

I have never really thought about seeking someone to marry. It was probably a childish delusion, but I believed that people just met each other, like in the street, and get together. All with the help of God, of course, but with no real effort. I even thought that it was not right to push it because all should happen at the right time. But when it didn’t happen at the right time (as I supposed it would), a couple of years after that, I decided to take some action. I ask some friends how this could work out, and they recommended ChristianMingle. I took a shot, yet, I would never do it if I wasn’t told it was more or less safe. And I really appreciated it! Now, I’ve found a nice guy who lives not far from me. We chat and plan to meet each other soon. This is a real blessing!

Margaret, 37

I didn’t want to be set up and to court women in my church. I knew most of them since childhood, some of them are happily married, and others are close friends of mine. Still, I cherished the idea that my wife will be as faithful as I am. So, I went to ChristianMingle and loved everything here. It is so simple to use, and I don’t need to spend a fortune to communicate. There are no women with something impious in mind, no gold diggers. At least I haven’t met one. Some people say they met somebody here, but this person turned out to be nothing but Christian. Well, the site can’t check everyone’s intentions, so you just have to pay attention to little details that give you a clue who you are chatting with. So, I did and came across a really wonderful lady. Hope, we’ll be together.

Colin, 26.

ChristianMingle Memberships and Prices

Paid services on ChristianMingle ensure you will be successful in making contact with users, one of whom might become your closest person in the world. So, upgrading to a paid membership is recommended for sure. It will allow you to:

  • send message to any user you like
  • read messages you get
  • get notifications when your message has been read
  • search for others’ profiles invisibly
  • and more!

As said, ChristianMingle takes grand security measures to prevent fraudulent activity. One may assume that their prices would be stratospheric because of that, but it is not so. Maybe, extra security costs are balanced with a basic interface that requires fewer investments. Anyway, most users find ChristianMingle reasonable, especially given that there are six payment options. So, everyone will find the most suitable one.

ChristianMingle has Standard and Premium Plans. The one-month standard costs $29.99, and Premium is almost twice that much – $49.99. You will spend less per month, however, if you choose one of the prolonged memberships. It is $59.97 and $104.97 for three months of standard and premium subscriptions, respectively, or $89.94 and $149.94 for half a year.

You can pay for ChristianMingle services via PayPal or mobile phone or with your credit card.

ChristianMingle Mobile App

To enjoy the full site’s potential when you are away from your computer, download the ChristianMingle app from the App Store or Google Play. It won’t cost you anything and has all the features you will get from your desktop version. The prices on in-app purchases (memberships plans) are the same as on the site. One user can use the same subscription in the app and on the computer.

Final Word on ChristianMingle

ChristianMingle is a perfect website for the niche it caters to. Its interface is very basic, which keeps away people who want to get some fun and mock those with sincere intentions in heart. On the contrary, ChristianMingle features are advanced and plentiful, allowing you to make your dating experience unforgettable and efficient. The prices are below average, which is hard to believe, given how hard ChristianMingle works on its clients’ safety and convenience.

All in all, we would highly recommend you try this platform. If you decide to date online, you should be sure that nothing will stand in your way and that your faith will matter for service providers and your potential partner. ChristianMingle can guarantee that, and some other platforms only want to take advantage of your trust. So, choose wisely, take precautionary measures, and embark on your happily ever after.