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Flirt Review 2023

Flirt Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 20-40
Profiles 1 000 000
Ease of Use 8.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Signing up is speedy and easy-going.
  • There are a lot of available chat options.
  • Access to pre-built "Flirtcasts" to launch a new conversation.
  • You can get access to a full photo gallery after purchasing a subscription plan.
  • High risk of meeting fake and suspicious members.

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What Is Flirt About?

What Is Flirt About?
  • Flirt is one of the most popular dating websites.
  • A perfect community for finding casual dates.
  • The database consists of more than 1,000,000 users.
  • A significant number of online users.
  • An advanced system to detect fake profiles.
  • Access to the three-day trial version for a super low fee.
  • Messaging options are open to premium members.

We have prepared a detailed Flirt review for single people to know where it is safe to find a casual date. This dating platform is designed for single individuals who are looking for hookups and casual relationships. The site was launched and presented to the public in 2009. During all these years, Flirt has gained an outstanding reputation in the dating market. The following Flirt review aims to reveal you all the features to use the full potential of this top dating website. Cupid plc acquired the website, and it attracted even more active users worldwide.

In the beginning, all the female users used to have free access to all the features. The downside of that decision was the increased number of fake accounts. Flirt decided to make the dating experience more secure and created a premium membership for all users. Of course, a lot of users did not take this step positively. To find a compromise, Flirt offers now a short trial version. The fee for such testing periods is minimal and affordable to everyone. Flirt has a particular program, which is called “Satisfaction Guarantee.” It lets all members get a partial money refund if they do not get the desired results.

Flirt is focused on providing a pleasant online space for comfortable flirting. Numerous safety measures and advanced anti-scam tools do the job entirely. Along with these precaution measures, Flirt offers such features as “Like Gallery,” which helps all the users find matches as fast as possible. There is another excellent feature called “Flirtcast.” It allows you to broadcast flirty texts to members who are online at the moment. These features are much more suitable to find fun and casual dates, rather than love and long-lasting relationships.

If you are curious to try Flirt dating services, we encourage you to continue reading this Flirt review. You will have a clear understanding of whether this website is worth your time and money investment. You will understand that the site works like any other dating site. The only difference is that you do not get scammed for money? It is time to check Flirt right now! Continue to read our review to find out more.

Can we Consider Flirt Legit or Scam?

Flirt Legit or Scam?

In our Flirt review, we are going to see what safety measures Flirt has. The company abides by official privacy policies, which are required by the law. The company encourages all the members to read their published “Terms of Usage.” You can use the dating platform in the “Safe Mode,” which allows you to make a list of users who have the right to contact you. If you meet a person on Flirt who is offensive, it is allowed to lock this user. You just have to go to the needed profile and then press the “Block” button. You will find this button on the right side under the three dots. We find Flirt to be legit. However, if you notice a profile that looks like a scammer, you should report it to the administrator as soon as possible. You will protect yourself, as well as other Flirt members.

Member Structure

  • The majority of users come from the USA.
  • There are 80,000 logins weekly.
  • Gender proportion is more or less balanced.
  • You can fulfill your profile.
  • The number of members is more than a million.
  • The average age of users is 20-35.
  • The member activity is very high.
  • There is considerable diversity in worldwide nationalities.
  • Members of Flirt are interested in casual fun.

While preparing our Flirt review, we discovered that the membership structure is quite diverse. You can take any continent, and you will find a good percentage of members. The majority comes from the United States of America. Members are quite young between 20-35 years old. However, we noticed that a lot of male users look much older. That is why we encourage you to check the age, which is mentioned in profiles and actual photos. There should not be too much difference. While preparing this Flirt review, we met some users who are not sincere about their real age and their appearance. It was evident that there is a certain amount of fake profiles. You can see that some members use photos of celebrities, supermodels, and other famous personalities. However, it is not allowed to do this. We do not understand why admins do not see it. Usually, they verify every photo before it gets approved and uploaded to the site. Also, do not get surprised to receive messages from female users who are just convincing you to upgrade your status and purchase a subscription plan.

Sexual Orientation

The website welcomes male and female users of all types. People get attracted to the Flirt website when they are looking for casual dates or hookups.

Age Distribution

Use base consists of members of all ages. The average category of people is 25-40 years old. Users who have not reached 18 years old are not allowed to use the website.

Flirt: Signing Up

Flirt Signing Up
  • The registration does not last longer than a couple of minutes.
  • New members can activate their accounts through emails.
  • You can edit profile text and photo content any time later.
  • Profiles become visible after uploading photos.
  • You can share gays.

Registration of a new Flirt account happens straightforwardly and speedily.

You can create a new account in a matter of several minutes. While doing the registration step, there is no need to provide too many personal details. You will have to answer the questions about your gender, the gender of your preferred match, and your zip code. We have already mentioned in our Flirt review that your account will not be verified if you provide fake, according to the site rules. However, the situation is entirely different in reality. The next step of signing up is to create a safe password and provide your valid email. Note that you must provide your real account. It is the place where you will receive the activation link. It is just a single-click verification process to activate your newly created account.

Profile Quality

  • Your profile becomes invisible until you finish fulfilling your profile.
  • Flirt administrators approve every new photo added by members.
  • Everyone has the right to request other members to upload some extra photos/details to their profiles.
  • You can verify your Flirt profile by calling operators.
  • You can check what members are nearby your location.
  • If a user reported as someone suspicious, he or she would have to accomplish an anti-scam verification procedure.
  • You can check if a user is online right now.
  • The profiles are not detailed enough.
  • You can change pictures and information later in your profile.

We checked a lot of Flirt profiles and found out that a lot of profiles lack some crucial details. When you look at your profile, you can see an image. Besides, you can see the username, gender, age, and your current location. Below this profile section, you can view personal information, photo collection, and extra details. It is allowed to ask other users to add additional information. Do not forget to check the section called “Looking For” section. It is available on all members’ profiles who have purchased a subscription plan. Besides, below all users’ profiles, you can see suggestions of matches who share the same interests and relation preferences. If you want to speed up the entire process, you can call the operator, and you will get all the needed assistance. The operator will ask several questions, and your identity will be validated.

How to Make Contacts

Make Contacts
  • Check out the roulette-type matchmaking tool.
  • Messaging options are available to paid members.
  • Any locked message gets deleted by default within 24 hours.
  • It is free of charge to send winks.
  • Possibility to add exciting members to the “Favorites” list.
  • Search matches through categories and filters.
  • Possibility to track users who viewed/liked your profile.

If you are new on Flirt, you should know that there are two ways to start interacting with members. You can send winks or private messages to people you like. After the registration, you get access to five chats, which you can use for communicating with different members. Note that it is the bonus for your registration on Flirt. What is interesting is that all the replies are locked for men. If they do not purchase a premium subscription plan, those messages will be deleted automatically within 24 hours. This rule concerns only male members. All-female users who are registered on Flirt have the right to answer private messages free of charge. As soon as you receive a message from suspicious members, you receive a notification. You get informed that this particular member is under observation. He was engaged in scam activity. Flirt does not recommend to start interacting with such members. However, it is your choice, and the results will depend on your sense of responsibility. Flirt offers the “Like Gallery” feature, which works as a roulette-type activity. The website shows you a profile image. Your job is to press the heart or decline the photo with the “X” button. You are free to show your interest or move on to the next profile. You can check all the likes you sent to other people. They are your potential matches; you can try getting to know better.

Flirt Platform to Use

Flirt Platform to Use

Desktop Version

The desktop Flirt version is the only way to have a complete dating experience. In our review, we have described the full set of features that you can access. Some of them are open for free members, while the principal ones require a premium membership.

App Version

Unfortunately, the Flirt website does not offer a mobile app. Let’s hope that it will be available for download for our Android or iOS devices. However, you can easily use Flirt on your mobile device through a mobile web browser. You should check the mobile version to discover five icons on the header, which represent all the needed tab features. There is a separate search tab, which displays all Flirt users in a two-grid layout. There are a couple of action buttons under a profile image, which is called Chat and Wink.

Flirt: Design and Usability

We find the design of the Flirt platform to be straightforward. All the features are simple to navigate. In fact, you have access to a couple of core feature tabs, which you can find on the header menu. They are called “Search” and “Like Gallery.” If you refer to the “Search” page, you will find a lot of filters, which are followed by the tabs: “All Members,” “Online Now,” “New Members.” You can see all the members displayed in a grid layout. They have indicators showing who is online at the moment. Every new user has a red-colored “New” mark. The name and age are displayed under profile images. If you do not want to waste your time, you can jump to the conversation by using the “Chat” and “Wink” buttons.

How to Navigate the Flirt Website

On the right side of the menu, a significant green-colored ‘Upgrade Now’ button. It takes you to the upgrade webpage of your Flirt membership. Next to it, there is a chat icon that forwards you to the inbox. Have a look at the right side of the chat icon to see a special bell icon that lists all Flirt notifications. A red-colored bubble appears with a number, in case there are unread Flirt notifications.

Flirt: Costs and Prices

Flirt Fees

In the beginning, women used to have free access to all Flirt online dating features. However, Flirt dating popularity has become so big, so it caused the problem of fake profiles. They wanted to scam regular members for money. That is why Flirt asks all new members to upgrade their subscription plan if they’re going to access the features. Flirt knows that some members can’t afford a premium membership, and it compensates by offering discounts for every new user. You can also use a three-day trial version, which will cost you $4.23. Besides, women have the right to answer messages for free. Flirt hookup has a client’s satisfaction guarantee in case the dating platform could not meet your expectations.

Premium Flirt Membership Fees

  • One Month costs 27.30 USD per month
  • Three Months costs 15.30 USD per month or 45.90 USD in total
  • Six Months costs 12.27 USD per month or 73.60 USD in total

Free Vs. Fee-Based Flirt Services Free members have the following services:

  • A new account registration;
  • Possibility to send an unlimited number of winks;
  • The right to select people and add them to the “Favorite” list;
  • Answering to private messages.

Premium members have the following services:

  • The number of chats is unlimited;
  • You can see full-size photos;
  • Displayed section ‘Looking for”;
  • Advanced search tools;
  • Premium customer assistance;
  • Possibility to share photo/video content in chats.

How to Pay Flirt Fees?

Flirt Fees

Everyone can purchase the most suitable subscription plan. Make sure that you make the right choice. In case you want to cancel the current Flirt premium membership, you can do it in the “Account Settings.” However, before withdrawing the subscription plan, we encourage you to enjoy the advantages of being a premium user. Use the possibility to meet a match until the last moment of your billing cycle.

Payment Options Usually, the website asks its clients to pay for subscription plans using their credit cards. Flirt can guarantee its clients the payment discretion. If you check the monthly statement on your credit card, you will see something neutral and not connected to dating services.


Flirt Security?

The Flirt site has a set of professional, secure dating tips on the website. We encourage you to read the Terms of Use. After reading this information, you understand that members are fully responsible for their safety. You should know that the Flirt platform does not do background checks or criminal checks. That is why it is better to keep in touch with the verified members. If you have this status, it means you are a real member and not a bot. But once again, even verified members did not have gone through background or criminal checks. Flirt allows you to report or block suspicious members. Do not hesitate to do it if you feel uncomfortable communicating with specific individuals. However, we do not know if your report can be the reason for the member to be deleted from the site. What we know surely is that such suspicious users have a note on their profiles that someone has blocked them. Flirt checks the content people post on the site and removes any kind of offensive images or videos. They do their job entirely because the website is used for fun, flirting, and hookups. Still, you will not be bothered by sexual messages or offensive language in the public chats or other kinds of open discussions.


We did not notice a lot of scammers on the Flirt platform. However, users who would like to increase the level of security have the right to work in the “Safe mode.” By activating this mode, you do not let blocked Flirt members get in touch with you again. You also limit your search results. The only way to enable this secure mode is by calling the official customer support.

Special Features

Flirt has a lot of unique features. Paying members use them to boost the dating experience and to speed up the process of finding matches. Note that the following features are not available to free members.

  • Like Gallery
    It is a fun roulette-type game. A particular image of a potential match gets displayed on the screen, and you have to rate it. You can press either the heart or more forward to the next image. Below this feature, there is a special section with all the displayed users you liked. They are your potential matches.
  • Flirtcast
    You can use this feature for sending a message draft to all potential matches in a single click. Note that it is allowed to send a single Flirtcast within twelve hours.
  • Video Uploads
    Flirt members are allowed to add a brief video presentation to their profiles. It is a creative way to express your personality and your character.
  • Request More Info
    You may find an interesting user who has an incomplete profile. You should press the “Request more info” button. Your potential match will receive a notification and will complete a profile.


If you are searching for a casual date or hookup, Flirt can do the job for you. You will find the right person thanks online indicators, as well as current location info, which is displayed on all members’ profiles. You are not forced to purchase a premium status. In the beginning, you can use five free messages. It is an excellent bonus to understand whether Flirt suits your needs and meets your expectations. So, what stops you from signing up to Flirt now and finding your love without spending all the money on your bank account?

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