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Happn Review 2023

Happn Review 2023
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Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 96%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 000 000
Ease of Use 8.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Happn dating app is based on a unique concept of location-based service.
  • It's a fantastic service for big cities.
  • The "likes" are hidden from the user unless they like you back.
  • There are some fun features like Crush Time, Spotify syncing that let users upload music.
  • The set up is easy to use.
  • The app has a substantial active user base.
  • The chatting option of the Happn app is free to use.
  • You can get a second chance with your crush.
  • The app is fun to use.
  • The location-based matching in the Happn app doesn't make matches compatible.
  • Small towns may have few people to date.
  • Users may face privacy or security issues because of shared locations.
  • Users may seem the person they deleted again.

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Brief Introduction to Happn?

Happn review

Happn is on a mission to reconcile missed connections and help out its users to find a date. Happn online app was released in February 2014. The dating app is a location-based dating app that aims to connect singles who are in the same geographical vicinity—significantly, those members who have passed each other already. Happn review reveals that the app already has 40 million users who have crossed the path in real life. The proximity of these members is not more than 250 meters. This Happn review will guide you through the features and functions of the app.

Happn is a free dating app and can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows compatible devices. However, you must subscribe to its premium membership to have a full experience of the features.

How does Happn help its members in daily life? Every time you crossed a path with someone in reality, whether you know it or not. Their profile will show up on your app timeline. It’s fantastic to know that your next date is near you. Maybe it’s a few steps away at work, at a party, at a cafe, in a park or across the street.

Is Happn a Genuine Dating App?

Happn Dating App

Happn dating app has a massive user base of about 40 million users. The Happn app has a large number of active members. Our review makes us believe that the Happn dating app is legit and not a scam.

Users Available on Dating App

Happn Dating App

The traditional way of seeking dates at dating sites or apps is searching manually. Happn broke the conventional barrier and made its rules. The matching in the Happn occurs with the help of GPS, which connects the users who cross within a specific proximity. Users can filter their matches by some general preferences and even block users they don’t want to see in the future.

One downside of the location-based matches is that they don’t work very well in small cities or less populated regions. The Happn app functions best in major metropolitan areas. In the inhabited part, users pass other users on daily bases doing their day to day activities. The app is also not suitable for those shy people who don’t like socializing and want to find dates sitting on their couch.

You may know members of the Happn by name or by face. Users may have seen other members in cafes, parks, work, or libraries. It’s not compulsion to find the love of you at the first meet. Maybe a coffee date turns into something serious, or perhaps it would be a fun date with a romantic night, and that’s it.

Analysis of Sexual Orientation

The Happn mobile app caters to the needs of straight, gay, lesbian, and bisexual singles. Users looking for a platonic relationship may find a friend. If the users are looking for a long term relationship, they may find the love of their life. If you want serious relations that end with marriage, trust me, many users share your feelings. Happn hookup services are also quite interesting if the members are not interested in any of the relationships mentioned above and just want to have a fun night. The Happn app caters to their needs too.

The proportion of Age on the App

Happn is an application for young users. Most users are between the age of 18 to 29. There is also a considerable number of members within the age of 30 to 59. You may see a 60+ user here and others once in a blue moon.

Registration Process and Login Information

Happn Dating Login

The signup and login recess of Happn is a bit related to Tinder. The most effective and secure method of signup up to date is Facebook. Users can use their Facebook account to login to the Happn dating profile. It’s convenient and less time consuming to start. The Facebook account association helps the Happn app build a robust user base with valid profiles.

Facebook requires information like first name as well as age. Scam profiles are easy to locate. It should be noted that nothing associated with the app will ever appear on your Facebook wall.

After you sign in, there will be a few photos from your Facebook account to choose from. You can complete your profile with your profession, qualification, and short bio of about 500 characters. One of the unique features of Happn is its display profession with every profile.

The Happn app offers its users an opportunity to connect the app with their Instagram. Users can upload a maximum of 30 photos. Users can even connect their Spotify and upload songs to their profile. You may hope someone with the same music tastes like your profile, and you may click. After this, you are asked which gender you are interested in date and in what age range.

Creating an Impressive Profile

Happn Dating Profile

During our Happn review, we came to know that the member’s profile on the app has not much information. There is only name, age, gender, work, and education. Your profile also shows the last active date, distance, and a short description of yourself. Premium members can hide some of their information if they want. Users can upload a maximum of nine pictures to their accounts directly. Also, they can sync photos from their Facebook or Instagram accounts.

It is advisable to provide useful information and photos that help others understand your personality and interests. The images or descriptions reflecting your personality can end up in more likes. Unlike Tinder, where a swipe means like Happn, let their users decide by viewing the profile and choosing whether they like the person or not.

Verifying your account is not a requirement by the Happn app, which may lead to high-security risk or fake accounts. Users are allowed to report or block if they find any suspicious account or activity for the sake of their safety and privacy.

The profile can further be customized with features like “I’m free to…..”. At the lower right-hand corner of the Happn app home screen, there is a plus sign. Tap the flag and let the potential matches know what you feel like doing. You can include ” Go for a walk” or “Grab a bite.” The user that crosses your paths can answer to hour suggestions for six hours.

Communication Features of Happn

Happn Features

Happn dating app offers its user-specific tools to communicate and connect. These tools and details improve the overall experience of the app. You have a crush on a person you cross paths with, and Happn can make it happen.

If you like to court your crush, you can buy a ‘charm.’ A charm will come up on your crush notification, and it depends on them if they want to reciprocate or not. Want your profile to be noticed by other users buy a ‘say hi’ feature; the feature does precisely what it says. It depends on your crush or love interest, whether they reply or not.

There is another newer feature called ‘See You There.’ The feature provides an opportunity to tell others whether you are available in the coming hours. Members can try the feature by tapping the plus sign button down on the screen. Users can add any activities they are available to commend. There are six options for users to prefer from. The options vary from ‘go for a walk,’ ‘ go for a drink,’ etc.

This feature motivates your potential match for real encounters. This way, your match will not just sit behind the screen but come out to meet.

Users can also send voice messages to other members as well. It’s another fantastic feature of Happn that makes your chatting feel like real communication. Users may be able to communicate through voice messages that are a minute long to the users they have been matched with. It’s a feature that may help your date to imagine a voice to the photo and help to make a decision.

Platform Use аor Interaction

Happn Platform

Desktop Version of the App

Happn dating app is designed for smartphones. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows phones. However, there is a formal website that users can visit. The website helps provide information and provides a link to download the app. You cannot register or sign in from the site.

Mobile App and Browser

Happn has a single and straightforward interface, which makes it a user-friendly dating app. If you close the app, Happn will keep working in the background. It will continue tracking your location and matching you with potential matches along the way.

If you are worried about your privacy and don’t want the app to track your location, you can turn on the “Invisibility Mode,” but this feature is only available for premium members. Users may not be able to block certain places like home, office, or gym, which may become safety hazards, especially for females.

Users have the choice to schedule invisibility when they don’t want to cross paths with other users. Members can even cause their accounts, but it will result in no messages or reply from your crush either.

Design and Usability of Happn

Happn Usability

The appearance of the Happn app has a friendly aesthetic vibe. The design is generic compared to other dating apps.

The Happn app is super easy to use by beginners or professionals. If users get stuck at any point, they could watch the tutorial on the website and follow the guidelines. There is also an FAQ guide that can answer most of the questions of the users. It’s kind of an app that walks you through by holding your hand. You don’t have to be a technical wiz to know how to use the Happn app.

Users are given a welcome message upon joining to explain the basics of the app. The color of the Happn app is blue shades, as in the logo.

User-Friendly Navigation

Happn User

During our Happn review, we find the app quite easy to navigate. Users receive messages about instructions upon joining the Happn app. Users can also see professions of other people if it’s essential for you to know.

Happn display and Communication features


First and foremost is the profile feature, which you may see by simply tapping on the photo.


Users may see a lot of beautiful pictures.

Mail Messages

To send a song, emoji, or record a voice message, users just need to tap the icons on the lower right.

Like or Skip Profiles

You can like or skip a profile. Once you skip the profile, they will not be visible if you cross paths again.

Say Hi

It’s a feature that you can send to users to initiate chat.


The notification window will tell you who like your profile or about the messages.


CrushTime is a type of a match game that pops up frequently. It allows users to comment with those that cross their paths in real life — CrushTime display for recent users that’s been near you. One is the person that already liked you, which is the Crush.

If you pick the right one, you can start chatting in the Happn app instantly with your match. If your answer is wrong, it will be nonmutual, and nobody will know except you. You can start a new game or try again if you are interested in one of the remaining profiles.

I’m free to…

Let the other users know how you’re feeling.

You can choose from the different option which includes “grab a bite,” ” go for a walk,” “get a drink,” etc.

Users crossing your path can reply to your suggestions for six hours.

Interactive Map

Its Happn app mission is to connect users they have crossed paths with in the past week. You can tap the location you have visited in the last seven days and reveal the profile of users who crossed your path or attended the same spot.

Happn Costs and Prices Structure

Happn Costs

In our Happn review, we came to know that free users enjoy a lot of features at the Happn app. If you want to experience the entirety of the app, you need to earn or buy credits. Users can make purchases through iTunes, Google Play store, or Microsoft account. You can receive free credits by inviting your friends to join the app. For every accepted invitation, you get five credits. Credits are used to remove ads and “Say Hi” to interested people.

Premium Subscription

  • One month subscription: 24.99 USD.
  • Six months subscription 15.00 USD per month and total 89.99 USD.
  • Twelve months subscription 10.00 USD per month and in total 119.99 USD.

Happn Credits

  • 10 Coins: 0.30 USD.
  • 60 Coins: 0.25 USD / Coin 14.99 USD.
  • 100 Coins: 0.17 USD / Coin 16.99 USD.
  • 250 Coins: 0.16 USD / Coin 39.99 USD.

Premium and Free Access

Free Services

  • Standard or basic matching.
  • To send likes to members.
  • Start chatting with a crush.
  • Posting status on your profile.
  • See Profile photos of other users.

Premium Services

  • Send a maximum of 10 Hellos daily.
  • Turn on invisibility mode.
  • Adjust your privacy settings to be more mysterious.
  • Remove advertisements while browsing.
  • CrashTime feature.

How to Pay for the Premium Membership

The dating app members can pay through credit cards, direct debit, PayPal, and Mobile Phone.

Payment Systems of the Happn App

The Happn app matching system is based on geographical settings. Users can update their status on the profile to let others know what they are doing. Its free feature can be used at any time. Several other features are free to use as well. However, there are some paid features exclusively for premium members. Pro users can know who likes their profile and reply with one to get an instant crush. Paid members can use “Invisibility mode.” coins are also available for premium subscribers.

Safety and Security Strategies

Happn Safety

In our Happn review, we came across some comments which view the app as a stalker. Let’s clear something for our readers that the app connects you to people that are within 800 ft proximity. The app never reveals your exact location. Moreover, the app never tracks the movements or itinerary of its users. It’s an important safety feature of the app. It means no stalker or creep will know your exact location.

The dating app advises its members to be careful in arranging real-life meetings. As with all dating apps, it is recommended never to reveal too much personal information through messaging. Always arrange a date in public places and inform a friend or family. The app has a long list of terms and conditions to guide the user’s do’s and don’ts of the app.

How Happn Avoid Scams?

Our Happn review readers should know that dating apps are safe and secure. In terms of privacy, the app’s public information is general. It includes name, gender date of birth, profession, education, or anything users wish to add. Pictures and descriptions are not necessary and could be provided on the users’ wishes. If not comfortable, users can skip syncing their Facebook account with the app. Certain users enjoy this particular feature. All this means that the app does not approve or verify accounts like other dating sites or apps. It has its unique system, which is secure and trustworthy.

There is a time when the geographical matching system of the app becomes uneasy for some users. It happens mostly in small cities or towns. Big cities don’t have to face such problems. To ease the mind of our readers, it is to notify in our Happn review that the dating app never reveals the exact location of its users.

Interesting Features of the App

Happn Features

Happn dating has some features that make the app unique. These features add personality to members’ profiles. Following is the list of distinctive features of the dating app.


Want to talk to other users, simply send a Hello, and they will know your intentions. Each user has free ten Hellos on joining the app. Once they are used, users have to purchase more via paid subscription.

Voice Messages

Happn doesn’t have features for video chat as other dating apps. The app offers a voice message service that can be sent to your crushes.

My Music Selection

Are you a music person, express your personality by syncing your Spotify account with the app. Send tracks to your crushes to impress them.


It’s a game that displays four users you crossed paths with recently. Users have to choose the member that liked them. If you chose correctly, you could send an instant message to that user. If not, your like will be sent to elected members.

I’m up for…

This feature shows another user what you are doing for the coming six hours. You can let the user know what you want to do, like going for a walk, open to dining out, getting some drinks, etc.

Final Verdict on Happn Review

Happn online dating app is famous for its unique location matching algorithm. The primary purpose of the Happn app is to connect people in proximity. It gives people a chance to communicate with their crushes or the members they crossed paths every day.

With its geographical matching system, the dating app works best in populated areas. Also, it’s safer in big cities compared to smaller towns. The members of the app are growing considerably throughout the years. The app has around 40 million members who are growing each year.

After our Happn review, we recommend our readers to give this dating app a try. It’s safe and legit and worth giving a shot.

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