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Scruff Review 2023: A Dating App that Caters to GBTQ Community

Scruff Review 2023: A Dating App that Caters to GBTQ Community
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Active Audience 93%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 20-35
Profiles 1 700 000
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 7.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The dating app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones as well.
  • The free version of the app is secure, as well as full of features.
  • The user base of the app is huge and active.
  • The app is an ideal choice for hookups, platonic friendships, and serious relationships.
  • The app does not have a browser version.
  • There are community event announcements that are too far from users' locations.
  • Memberships are renewed automatically. However, members can cancel at any time.

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A brief introduction to Scruff dating app

Scruff dating app is a safe and trustworthy social application for the guys that fall in the category of gay, trans, and exotic. The platform is an opportunity for these guys to connect with like-minded people. Our Scruff review states that the primary purpose of the app is to facilitate friendship, networking, dating, hookups, and fun sex night.

Scruff’s online app was founded by two owners firstly by Johnny Skandros and secondly by Eric Silverberg in 2010. Eric Silverberg is the CEO of the app at present. According to the Scruff review, the dating app is an independently acquired and regulated GBTQ business. The app was awarded the best dating app in New York City with a few more apps in 2014.

Scruff dating app bans underwear pictures

During our review, we came to know that a top company banned the app. Which company is that let’s find out!

Scruff is a high popularity app, but still, it was suspended by the large company Google Store multiple times. The company never disclosed the reason for their actions. The app takes the endeavor to be assertive in resolving this matter. The solution they found was to ban half-nude pictures from uploading into the app. It includes those photos that display illustrative, expressive sexual acts, naked or half-naked buttocks, undergarments, or swimming trunks.

Pictures, where private parts are hidden with other objects, are not allowed in any case. It seems the users were not happy with this policy and expressed their feelings and protests to the company. The company took a firm stand on their decision despite all complaints.

A brief introduction to Scruff dating app

Is Scruff a legit dating app or scam?

After the detailed Scruff review, we came to the conclusion that saying the app is legit. It’s trustworthy, safe, and has strict policies for privacy. The app has a low rate of fake profiles that make it legit in the dating world.

Evaluation of audience and their statistics

As per our Scruff review, the dating app has more than 15 million members worldwide. The dating app downloads are taking place in about 180 counties and six continents. The app has been translated into around ten languages which include:

  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese;
  • German;
  • French;
  • Chinese;
  • Arabic.

Scruff has made its mark in the LGBTQ community from the beginning. If you are looking for a handsome hot guy to date, this dating application is perfect for you. The dating app allows you to meet some of the sexiest men. Unlike other dating apps, this app has some gorgeous guys that are not available on other dating sites and apps.

The platform is perfect for connecting guys and also to help them find nearby bars or local events happening in your area or nearby locations.

What Kind of Sexual Orientation the App Has?

Scruff is a dating app strictly for the GBTQ men community. The guys here are looking for casual friendships, one night stands, or even serious relationships. Members can find some of the hottest guys in this app.

Are There More Young Members or Old?

Scruff is an amazing GBTQ men app. The members come from different age groups. Users may see young and old members from all age groups on the platform.

Registration process and the required information

The registration process of Scruff is simple and straightforward. It takes a short amount of time and minimum effort to complete. The dating app does not require much information, and once completed, you can browse through several profiles.

First, you need to provide your location, which will help the app in the matching process. Secondly, you need to type your full name and add a photo.

Your input location will be given a related margin Maps. Once set, your site can only be updated every 24 hours.

Before uploading your picture, you will be asked by the dating app that “Will this be a face pic.” The users have the option and can choose between:

  • My face is visible.
  • Just my body is visible.
  • I’m not present in the picture.

As compared to other dating apps, a face photo is not compulsion; however, the app asks you to clarify your picture. The describing process is to help the app in categorizing accounts. Only the profiles with clear and visible faces are included in the Scruff Match. Five fields mentioned above are the sole requirements users have to fill. The rest could be left blank. It is advisable to complete your profile descriptively. It will make your likelihoods to be notified by other users high.

Registration process and the required information

Creating impressive profile and profile interface

Once your Scruff account is validated, it’s time to expand your profile. No need to worry; it only takes minutes. You have the option to enter your physical information such as height, weight, eye color, body type, hair color, and length, etc. You are also asked about the presence of hair on your body.

You can mention your ethnicity if you want. There is a selection of communities and interests on the menu. Users can choose from these communities or can enter communities of their choice. It’s advisable after our Scruff review that you should add as many communities and interests as appealing to you. This will help the Scruff matching algorithm to match potential matches for you.

The more robust and descriptive your profile, the chances of finding perfect matches will be high. During the profile creation, the users are asked what they are looking for in their dates or partners. You need to add a few lines about what you are seeking. A tip for our Scruff review audience! Be honest in what you want. Even if its a one night stand or a no string attached sex relationship. If you are seeking a serious relationship, mention it. Be clear what you want, even if it’s a platonic friendship or coffee buddy. Our review reveals that you will find what you wish to as you are honest about it. You can always modify your profile according to your mood. Your Scruff profile picture must show your face; it can be sensual but not overtly sexual or pornographic.

How to Contact Members on the App

At Scruff, you can deliver messages to anyone at any time you want. You don’t have to be a paid member to post messages. There is a Paw switch for those who don’t want to say traditional hello or hi. The Paw button delivers a Woof that acts like hello and informs the user. The person has your attention now, and they can initiate the chat.

There are unique options at the foot of the user’s profile. You can use the one suitable for your needs or moods. It states whether you are interested or not. If both of you choose each other, both will be notified by the dating app. The chatbox has features like text messages, GIFs, pictures, videos, and the current location of the user. It’s very convenient for hookups.

Message filters

All the members you are chatting with will be viewed in your inbox. If you are a premium member, you get unlimited access to message history. If not, you may only see the recent messages.

How to Contact Members on the App

Different platforms the app use for dating

Desktop Version: Is There a Website Available?

Scruff is a social app and does not have a desktop version.

Smartphone App and Mobile Browser Availability

Scruff is among the most popular gay app in the market. According to the research, there the number of gays is higher than lesbians seeking love online. There are more gay members on dating sites and apps compare to lesbian ones.

Some of the salient features of the Scruff app are as follows:

Album sharing

Upload the best and sexy photo you have and share it with the GBTQ men community online. You have an option to set private photos and video albums. Only people you allow will be able to see your private photos and videos. It’s one of the best and sexiest features ever.

Power search and filters

You can find hot and sexy gay friends in your area or anywhere around the world.

Sending a Woof

Tired of boring hello’s and hi’s break the ice and flirt with the guys on the dating app.

View who has an interest in you

You can quickly check who is interested in you and who Woof’d at you.

Powerful messaging system

There is no way you could lose your chat history or photos. All your devices can easily be synchronized.

Frequent phrases

The dating app is safe; you frequently use phrases and make it easier to type on the app.

Smart match

The app becomes more intelligent with every swipe. In the end, you will find your exact match.

Scruff match

The app has a new list of gay guys daily. Scruff uses AI to learn and show you only those guys you are interested in.


The app organized new gay events. You can view who is attending the event before making a decision.

Gay travel

If you want to travel to a new city, you can chat with some gay guys there and make friends before arriving.

Scruff ambassador

You can volunteer to help the members of the app visiting your city.

Smartphone App and Mobile Browser Availability

User Friendly Design and Easy Usability

In terms of design, Scruff is a noticeable network. It’s automatic and easy to navigate, which makes it easy to use by people of various ages. The plus point is it’s upgraded with users’ modern requirements. Users have a good time experiencing the forum.

A green icon on members’ profiles is an indication that they are online. The orange icon indicates recently online. Gray icons indicate inactive or offline.

Super Friendly Navigation of the Dating App

The navigation of the dating app is quite simple and could easily be used by beginners and professionals. Our Scruff review has a guideline for its readers on navigating the app.

Profile Thumbnail Gestures

Several activities could be performed on profile thumbnails through profile grid view thumbnail pictures.


  • Single tap —it opens the member’s profile.
  • Tap and hold — it opens the message box to chat with a member.


  • Single tap — it opens the member’s profile information.
  • Tap and hold — it discloses the many options “View Profile, View Messages, Hide Profile, and Block Profile.”

Windows Mobile

  • Single tap — it opens the member profile.
  • Double-tap — it opens the chat with a member.

Search and Filters Menu

How to display the Filters Menu?

iOS — on the search grid tap the red search button, and you may see the “Search + Filters” menu.

Android — in the Nearby grid tap the SCRUFF, and you may see the Filter menu.

Windows Phone — in the Nearby grid tap, the Filters menu icon is the three horizontal lines, and you may see the “Search and Filtered” menu.

To refresh the screen, iOS and Android users just need to scroll down the screen. The Windows phone users need to tap the reload icon at the bottom of the grid. There are other icons like Global that displays the selection of online members around the world. Nearby show the matches nearby you. Tap the Messages icon to view the messages manually.

For the private album, the icon for iOS users is a double-stack icon with a lock. The Android users’ private album icon is a picture frame. The Windows phone users should swipe to the More grid and then tap the Album.

The iOS users can go to settings by tapping the gear icon at the top of the navigation bar. Android users can tap the Menu button that is three vertical dots or the menu key of the device for settings. The Windows phone user can go to settings by pressing the Menu button with three horizontal dots at the bottom of any grid screen and then tapping the settings.

Super Friendly Navigation of the Dating App

Scruff Subscription Plan and Cost Structure

The free version of the dating app is robust. Unless you want to be a serious user with power, you can enjoy the app entirely in the free version. The free version provides you ample opportunities to meet your match. Users have full access to the communication package as free members.

The only limitation that free members have to act in is in terms of regular and Scruff matches. Free users can only view events in 24 hours. However, daily quotas are more than enough for a free user. The pro membership holder, however, gets the benefit of various filters when searching.

  • One month subscription fee is $14.99
  • The three-month subscription fee is $13.33 per month, in total $39.99.
  • The twelve-month subscription fee is $10.00 per month in a total of $119.99.

Free member services

  • Standard members do need an account to use the services.
  • Creating profile.
  • Profile browsing.
  • Free members can send, receive, and read messages.
  • Knowledge of who is responding

Pro Services

  • There are no ads.
  • Pro users can select from 1000 guys in their area or nearby.
  • Limitless personal album sharing.
  • Grid sorting on advance level.
  • Browse as an anonymous user.
  • Endless search modifications.

Paid Subscription Plan vs. Free Subscription Plan

How to pay for the premium membership?

You can pay on the dating app through a credit card or Mobile Phone.

Payment Systems to purchase premium subscription

No doubt, free members can enjoy Scruff almost as much as paid ones. However, a few exclusive and exciting feature reserves for Scruff Pro. Some of them are:

  • The pro members can undo send messages.
  • They can hide their profile and protect their privacy.
  • They are allowed to disable push notifications while sleeping.

Safety Measures and Policies for the Members

Scruff registration is simple, secure, and done in minutes. Users can assure they are safe as the daring apps are strict in their policies. Scruff makes sure that there are no sham profiles registering. The features app provided are engaging and have a lot of active members. A lot of members have been using the app for a long time. The main negative point of the app is the banner advertisements and the continuous pop-up advertisement. The Scruff itself sponsors some of the ads. Altogether the app is easy to use, and sometimes users experience crashes opening the app.

Statistics of Scam or Fake Profiles

Scruff takes the security and privacy of its users very seriously. The app does its best to create an environment of safety. The app makes sure all your private information is kept confidential, and no third parties are given access to it.

Scruff is a trustworthy app and aims to match GBTQ men to establish relationships of their choice.

Special Features Which are Exclusive to the App

The dating app introduces some unique features which make the dating app exclusive in the dating world.

Scruff Match

The like and dislike feature is the same as other dating apps. Swipe right if you like the picture and swipe left if you want to ignore it. The profiles presented to the user by the app depend on the ” Open To” detail of the user’s profile. If you mentioned that you are open to dating, you would pair with those guys who are also opened to dating. These functions are standard; however, there are certain features exclusive to the app. Firstly view the details of the user’s profile by only tapping on the photo. Secondly, you can choose the clock icon to save or freeze a profile if you are not sure of its availability the following day.

Scruff Venture

Scruff Venture took pride as the “global gay travel companion.” It’s an informative tool that could be beneficial for those users planning a foreign you. Several different cities around the world are illustrated for you. Users can add their choice cities as well. When clicking on the city, you can see which of the guys from that city are online, visiting at present, visiting soon, and ambassadors. There will be a list of events in your selected city. You may also view a compilation of available rooms for rent, which are uploaded by Scruff guys.

Scruff Events

These are the listings of all the upcoming events in your area or near you. Users can modify the exact distance as you want. The number of flame icons could comprehend the popularity of the event. If the number of flames is three, it means it’s popular. Users can even see the members that have RSVP’d to the event. Scruff Events are organized in terms of location, popularity, and the app is not always the sponsor.

Special Features Which are Exclusive to the App

Final Verdict about the Scruff Dating App

In a nutshell, Scruff is a fantastic social app for the GBTQ men community. The registration process is quick and easy. The overall app experience is secure and fantastic. Users may see minimal fake profiles floating around or most probably none. This proves the strict policies of maintaining security are effective.

Moreover, the unique features are engaging to the users. There are many users active and are 100 percent real, and most members are using the app for a long time. Only the add banners and the pop-up ads, whether by the app or not, are annoying. This annoyance could be ignored with amazing features. Some customers have faced some crashes during app usage.

The customer service of the dating app is quite fast and efficient. Scruff hookup services are beneficial for those guys who don’t want to tangle up in serious relationships. On the other hand, some services cater to the needs of those guys who are looking, love.

All in all, Scruff mobile app caters to every need of the GBTQ men community. If you are looking for a dating app for gays, according to our Scruff review, the app is worth a try.

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